Why Skilled Songwriters Are Different

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The ability to write a song may be present in each and everyone one of us. But the ability to develop the craft and push forward the ideas of essentials skills might be present only in a few of us. As a result, the music industry has a strong distinction between writers and skilled writers. While the former is present for commercial gains, the latter discovers a way of life through music. Few of the main reasons the latter tends to do the same is… Read More »Why Skilled Songwriters Are Different

Lucid Dreams

Decoding Carey Ott’s “Lucid Dreams”

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Carey Ott has been known for his exemplary spirit and talent beyond any specific boundary or line. As an individual, this musical talent has produced classic hits by drawing inspiration from some of the best in the industry. His long list of songs captures a distinctive style that is unique to the entire industry, in general. Since someone of this nature and talent will have a lot to be discovered under his collection, we have decided to review his classic album, Lucid Dreams. So if… Read More »Decoding Carey Ott’s “Lucid Dreams”

Carey Ott Songs

Top Carey Ott Songs on the Radio

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Apart from being a prolific writer, Carey Ott has gone ahead to explore aspects as a producer, engineer, performer and a multi-instrumentalist. The man is known for many talents, and music is one among the ideal ways through which he communicates and makes matters heard. Known to craft a special niche, his music exemplifies numerous aspects revolving around our day to day life. But in case you haven’t heard of this musical genius, then it is never too late to make a difference because here… Read More »Top Carey Ott Songs on the Radio