Top Carey Ott Songs on the Radio

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Carey Ott Songs

Apart from being a prolific writer, Carey Ott has gone ahead to explore aspects as a producer, engineer, performer and a multi-instrumentalist. The man is known for many talents, and music is one among the ideal ways through which he communicates and makes matters heard. Known to craft a special niche, his music exemplifies numerous aspects revolving around our day to day life. But in case you haven’t heard of this musical genius, then it is never too late to make a difference because here are top Carey Ott songs on the radio and a handful of others to play as you like.

Top Songs on the Radio

1. Till The Well Runs Dry

Released in 2016, this folk genre powered song hits you with all the right feelings. Carey Ott’s soothing voice adds a distinct flavour to the song, making it a significant number on your playlist. Be it morning or noon; you can listen to this number all day long as it captures the right tones of your imagination. So go ahead and give this underrated musical piece a listen.

2. Whenever I Say Go

Whenever I Say Go was one of the hits from his 2018 EP, Scratcher. Like Till The Well Runs Dry, this is another number that can help you lead a feel-good moment. Carry Ott pens down a meaningful set of words that have been successful in taking it to the top on all radio platforms. With Till The Well Runs Dry, and Whenever I Say Go entering your playlist, your music buds will enhance to a large extent.

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Carry Ott’s Classics

1. Am I Just One

Carry Ott’s 2006 album; Lucid Dream is considered to be one among his best works by a large group of his fans. Few of the main reasons that lead to the conclusion had to be the kind of songs that entered the album. One among the top is Am I Just One. The rock number fits the bill perfectly and was also featured in the hit series, Grey’s Anatomy. Each moment of the song is precious, and you will start feeling it, as the chorus steps in to play its part.

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2. I Wouldn’t Do That To You

I Wouldn’t Do That To You is another one from Lucid Dreams that fans have been playing on loop. The song details the very extent of Carey’s voice that tries to act as a meaning behind displaying the purpose of the song. By beginning with a fresh take, Carry notes and tells why and what he wouldn’t do. At the time of release, the song received its fair share of appreciation and managed to lift Lucid Dreams to the top.

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