Why Skilled Songwriters Are Different

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The ability to write a song may be present in each and everyone one of us. But the ability to develop the craft and push forward the ideas of essentials skills might be present only in a few of us. As a result, the music industry has a strong distinction between writers and skilled writers. While the former is present for commercial gains, the latter discovers a way of life through music. Few of the main reasons the latter tends to do the same is because they are different. Want to know why? Well, here’s what makes them different.

1. Process-Oriented

Top-skilled songwriters are always process-oriented, and they are easily caught in the moment. The different thoughts that strike their mind keep them focused and adapted to the entirety of the process. As a result, there is nothing that can disturb these individuals when they are at the most comfortable place in the world. Due to the kind of attention and detailing they put into each song, you can be assured of them being a hit or a classic.

2. Different Perspectives

Skilled songwriters have a unique ability to see the whole picture. They can understand an event and also view it through the eyes of a large section of the people. Due to that, their songs will be relatable since it stands to be the hard-hitting reality. One of the best examples for the same is musical talent and genius, Bob Dylan. Known for exemplary hits such as “Mr Tambourine Man”, “a hard rain’s gonna fall”, and ‘blowin’ in the wind” among others, Dylan has and will always have a special place in the craft.

3. The Process of Learning

The habit of learning is not limited to a particular person or an individual. Instead, it is meant for anyone and everyone, regardless of whoever they are and whoever they want to be. On a similar note, skilled songwriters are always on a path of learning as they keep discovering new aspects of music. This is one of the main reasons why top musicians do not have a retirement plan. Even after they are done with a particular band or give up on touring, they still manage to have it in them. (Ex: Ozzy Osbourne, Jimmy Paige, David Gilmore and so on)


4. Observers

When you come across an incident or an event, you may look at it and perceive the same based on the impact that it has within you. But skilled songwriters are quite different since they observe various aspects that revolve around the same. Regardless of the kind of impact that it has on them, they will move ahead to see and analyse all about the same.

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