Decoding Carey Ott’s “Lucid Dreams”

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Lucid Dreams

Carey Ott has been known for his exemplary spirit and talent beyond any specific boundary or line. As an individual, this musical talent has produced classic hits by drawing inspiration from some of the best in the industry. His long list of songs captures a distinctive style that is unique to the entire industry, in general. Since someone of this nature and talent will have a lot to be discovered under his collection, we have decided to review his classic album, Lucid Dreams. So if you are not aware of this album, then here’s all that you need to know.

1. Musical Inspirations

Like we mentioned earlier, one of the first aspects that classic music lovers will notice about Carey’s songs is how he draws inspiration from top artists. Well, for Lucid Dreams, things are not different. In the almost four-minute track, “Mother Madam”, you will hear strong echoes of Paul McCartney, as Carey moves ahead with his voice. The moment will pass by in a second but will remain deep inside your mind for a very long time.


2. The Right Start

The album starts things off with “Am I Just One” which can make you melt while listening. Since people have already heard the hit number from Grey’s Anatomy, things move ahead to form the ideal start. It gives you a clear window of what to expect since ‘Am I Just One’ captures numerous aspects in a matter of three minutes. Soon after the first song, you will be delighted to know more.

3. Commercial and Melodic Pop

When it comes to pop albums, artists usually stick to commercial tones that can woo everyone and anyone. But Carey plays things a bit differently since it is a mixture of both. The right set of commercial elements are in place to help you tune into these songs, and it also develops a path towards a melodic venture. Although the use of resources sounds to be limited, Carey makes up for most of the journey. His imaginative talent is well displayed in this album, and you can sense with each passing song.

4. Numerous Themes

The many underlying themes of Carey’s work have always been mixed, and the man hits you with meaning in some form or shape. But with his debut album, Lucid Dreams, the themes are specific. As the album went on to sell a few numbers, audiences were soon to notice themes of darkness, daylight, dreaming and so on. With these unique elements being mixed into an album, you will feel a certain kind of warmth from these songs. So if you still haven’t heard of Lucid Dreams, then we suggest that you listen to it right away.

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